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See the pictures from the annual Dragon boat Festival held in Halifax.
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Recently featured in the Bridgewater Bulletin, Scott tells of how the Dragon boat industry has changed over the years
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New Boat Construction

At Dagley's Boatworks, not only can we restore the beauty of a classic, we can build your own.  In addition to Dragon boats, NorseBoats and canoes, here you can find just a sample of the number of original boats that we created at Dagley's Boatworks.

Mahogany beauty

16 foot runabout built with 3/8” solid rabbited mahogany lumber fibreglass cloth/epoxy inside supported by ash frames. Outside is fibreglass cloth/epoxy from waterline down.

The side decks are planked with mahogany on each side with the forward deck a two inch cedar with quarter inch red cedar strips. The hull is varnished while the deck was done with 12 coats of Flagship varnish.

Floorboards are ¾ inch white cedar boards that can be removed in four pieces for cleaning, while two bench seats are ¾ inch western red cedar.

Finally, the 30 hp Honda motor makes her run around at 20-30 knots with two people on board.






White Hull Construction


Our beautifully finished wooden C4 an C15 racing canoes are fast and famous.  Clubs across North America know that these boat have fine finish, performance and durability. We know that boats in racing clubs have to survive in order to finish the race, so Scot builds them with his well proven construction process.



34 foot Lobster Boat
175 hp. diesel engine

Built with a 14 foot beam and a four foot freeboard, this vessel is made of Douglas fir plywood two layers 3/8" laminated with two layers of 1808 fiberglass cloth saturated in epoxy on the outside of the hull.

Next, it was turned upright to fiberglass the inside of the hull with a layer of 1808 fiberglass cloth and saturated in epoxy.

After this was done we built the bulkheads four feet apart (also made of " Douglas fir plywood.) From there the engine was added and decks laid to suit the owner's needs. The wheel house and accommodations are custom made. Our boats are built to last with the best.


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