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The NorseBoat

During the winter/spring of 2006 Dagley's Boatworks developed, under subcontract to NorseBoat Limited (www.norseboat.com), a modern plywood epoxy version of the innovative production NorseBoat 17.5 Sailing and Rowing Cruiser. The response to this collaboration has been overwhelming. The wooden NorseBoat will be sold as a kit for amateur builders, or if desired, completely assembled by Dagley's Boatworks. Scott Dagley will be offering technical support to amateur builders for a reasonable fee, and will also host periodic workshops in Nova Scotia where customers can come to learn how to build their own boat. Dagley's Boatworks continues our high level of attention to detail through the construction of these NorseBoat kits and completely assembled wooden NorseBoats.

The NorseBoat is an innovative sailing and rowing boat with a legendary pedigree. It is strong, lightweight and portable, ideal for exploring coastal and inland waterways. This eminently seaworthy 17'6" adventure craft was conceived by NorseBoat Limited founder and president Kevin Jeffrey and the original production glass version was designed by renowned naval architect Chuck Paine.

"...all you have to do is look at the number of voyaging style kayaks sold today to understand that there is a market for this type of boat...I can think of no finer boat for the job than the NorseBoat. If you have no intention of camp-cruising but are looking for a distinct and yare (manageable and maneuverable) daysailer I would recommend the NorseBoat."
-Robert Perry, naval architect

The Concept
The NorseBoat fits nicely into the renaissance concept of blending tradition with modern technologies. She is the next generation of small sailboats: lightweight, seaworthy, beautiful, affordable. The NorseBoat is exhilarating to sail, a joy to row, and simple to maintain, transport and store. Her traditional lines are pleasing to the eye, while her modern design, epoxy-based resin/glass construction, and high-performance rig make her fast and efficient under sail or oar.

"The line drawing (of the Chuck Paine designed NorseBoat) takes our breath away. She looks both beautiful and versatile."
- Small Craft Advisor

Convenience and Portability
The NorseBoat can be carried to the water or pulled with the assistance of small wheels attached to the skeg. On the beach she sits upright, and on a trailer she fits in a standard garage. The 2-piece carbon fiber mast, curved gaff yard, sail(s), rudder, tiller and oars all store conveniently out of the way under the thwarts.

"Under sail or oar power, the NorseBoat is a fun boat for beach camping or pillaging."
-Sailing Magazine

Your Ticket To Adventure
NorseBoat is the ideal trailer sailor and micro pocket cruiser. In a NorseBoat you can experience some of the best cruising waterways in the world. If you want to explore areas beyond the scope of trailer sailing, you can simply ship your NorseBoat to distant cruising grounds! This Norse style boat is a comfortable camping cruiser, and also a great boat for adventure regattas such as European style Raids or adventure races like the WaterTribe Challenges. Since NorseBoat can easily be launched from a beach, she is often referred to as a beach cruiser.

"And the superlatives just keep coming. She rows like a dream, sails even better. Not tender, feels so 'solid', very forgiving, amazingly dry, doesn't pound in the horrible slop lake Ontario generates. Overall 10++ on a scale of 1-10. Thanks again for a wonderful experience."
-Lee Doran, Ontario (Hull # 18)

Each boat kit will contain detailed plans about the construction of the boat.  All wooden parts and hardware will be included and customers will be able to refer to a DVD showing exactly how to construct their new kit.

Dagley's Boatworks continues our high level of attention to detail through the construction of its kits.  If you find an error in the plans, or have a suggestion about a feature you would like to see in a kit, please contact us.

Please contact NorseBoat Limited to purchase NorseBoat kits or completely assembled wooden boats, or Dagley's Boatworks for technical support or if you are interested in attending a NorseBoat Builders Workshop in Nova Scotia.


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