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See the pictures from the annual Dragon boat Festival held in Halifax.
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Recently featured in the Bridgewater Bulletin, Scott tells of how the Dragon boat industry has changed over the years
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Education can speak volumes of a person's knowledge, few can question that fact. But nobody can teach passion which is bred into one's body, mind and spirit.

I remember the first time I met Scott Dagley. It was over the phone, and I remember after that conversation, which I thought was short, that I had met someone that was completely nuts about boats. This conversation in fact was an hour long, and I know we didn't talk about business that long, we talked about boats.

Scott Dagley is an excited man. He's passionate about boatbuilding and bringing life to old boats. Each time I meet up with him, I leave feeling slightly overwhelmed by his rate of talking, and the vast amount of information I have received. Latest projects and upcoming boats to build or restore as well as reminiscing of past projects. I love these conversations, which is why a short visit is usually an hour.

Few can carry the knowledge this man does. He instills a level of genius of boatbuilding that makes me think he lived in several former lives as a boat builder, at least, I hope he did.

He comes from a family of boat builders, four generations deep, and he backed-up this generational pastime by graduating the boatbuilding program at the Nova Scotia Community College. After spending nine years as a boat builder at Covey Island Boatworks, Scott ventured on his own to open Dagley's Boats in 1995.

Scott has gained a reputation for quality work completed on schedule. This doesn't surprise me, as he seems to work as fast as his mind runs. His philosophy, "I work on every boat as if it were mine." I truly believe that this man cries inside as each boat ventures from his boatyard onto a life on the water. Though, his tears go to help give this boat something to float upon.

From building 30 foot sailboats, to full size dragon boats, and scale models, this boat builder surely has done it all, often using creative techniques to stay within allotted time, weight, and budget.

His restoration jobs have garnered great comments, such as "Scott built my boat better than new!" Some of his restoration jobs have brought new life to relics most would not bother destroying, and others such as a racing kayak, have gone on to win world medals.

Scott's efforts have not only brought new life to boats but people. He was the first in Canada to produce wooden "baby" dragon boats, and the first to build dragon boats of any size east of Ontario. These dragon boats have gone to duty in support of breast cancer survivors, raising millions of dollars for research and support, and giving spirit to a tortured soul.

I often wonder if Scott realizes the genius he uses to perform artistic engineering on the boats which he touches. Scott Dagley will love your boat more then you will, he is a fourth generation boat builder - born, bred & educated.

Tim S. Conrad


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